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I told you how your hurt me
But you don’t care
Now I’m crying and deserted
But you don’t care
Ain’t nobody tell me this is love
But you’re immune to all my pain
I need you to tell me this is love
You don’t care, if that’s okay

Ever since you knew your power
You made me cry
And now everytime my love goes sour
You won’t sympathize
You see these tears falling down to my ears
I swear you like when I’m in pain
I try to tell you all my fears
You still don’t care? That’s okay

Boy, maybe if you care enough
I wouldn’t have to care so much
What happened to our trust?
Now you just given up
You used to be so in love
Now you don’t care no more

Well, I care
I know you don’t care too much
But I still care – Read on Path.

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But I can’t fix him, can’t make him better
And I can’t do nothing about his strange weather

Cause you are invincible
I can’t break through your world
Cause you live in shades of cool
Your heart is unbreakable – Read on Path.

At Bandar jakarta, Ancol

At Bandar jakarta, Ancol with Zefanya and Winda – See on Path.

Saturday!!!❤😍😝😝😝 with Zefanya and Winda at Dunia Fantasi – View on Path.
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